Dramaturgy as a Source for a History of Stage Lighting: Pirandello capocomico thinker of lighting

Berilo Luigi Deiró Nosella


The present article, in the proposal of a history on the thought about the making of a modern stage lighting, focuses on the context of the early 20th century modern Italian scene, using the metatheatrical dramaturgy of Luigi Pirandello as documentary source for the history of theater. Thus, it deals initially with the methodological questions implied therein, to later undertake analyzes of the plays that form his Theater in the Theater trilogy, focusing on the articulation between the notions of visibility and visuality, proposing them as key concepts for understanding light in the modern scene, beyond the dichotomy light to see and narrative or effect light.


History and Historiography of Theater; Documentary Sources; Scenic Lighting; Micro-History; Modern Theater


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