HyMobWeb: A hybrid adaptation of context-sensitive Web interfaces with multimodality support in mobile devices

Danilo Camargo Bueno, Luciana Martinez Zaina


The use of mobile devices to browse on the Web has become increasingly popular as a consequence of the easy access to the Internet. However, moving from the desktop development to the mobile platform features requests to the developers an important focus on the interaction elements which fit into the interaction demands. The frameworks front-end is the solution most adopted by Web developers for working with application’s adaptation supported by responsive Web design techniques. Nevertheless, this technique has shortcomings that directly impact in the interaction elements and user satisfaction. This article presents a hybrid adaptation approach of context-sensitive Web interfaces with multimodality support called HyMobWeb. The approach proposal is an expansion of the adaptation capacity of the application concerning the variables of the user context in combination with the different interaction methods. A case study was conducted and data collected showed the great acceptance of the proposal in the perspective of developers who used it. The findings suggest that HyMobWeb brings significative contributions to the developers’ work.


Adaptation of user interface; Web mobile; Context-aware intefaces; Multimodal interfaces; Framework Front-end.

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