An Essay on Human Values in HCI

Roberto Pereira, Maria Cecília Calani Baranauskas, Kecheng Liu


Academic literature has indicated a new moment for the HCI field that requires it to revisit methods and practices to consider aspects that are difficult to deal with, such as human values and culture. Although recognized as important and a challenge for HCI, human values is still a topic that demands investigation, discussion, and practical results (theoretical, methodological, technical) so that it may become somewhat useful for HCI as both a discipline and a community. This paper presents an informed discussion in which we explore possible understandings for values in HCI, the importance of the topic, and existing approaches. We draw on the literature and on our own research experiences in the topic to develop critical discussions and suggest possible directions for advancing the research and practice in the context of this challenge.


Design, Culture, Grand Challenges, Ideal rules, Norms, HCI third moment

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