Generation and Dramatization of Detective Stories

Simone D.J. Barbosa, Edirlei Soares de Lima, Antonio L. Furtado, Bruno Feijó


We introduce in the present paper an operationally defined subclass within the genre of detective stories, specified on the basis of the logic programming model adopted in our Logtell project. Special attention is given to the treatment of communicative events. An SWI-Prolog plan-based tool was developed to compose consistent plots, conforming to the conventions of the genre. Seven criminal cases generated by the tool are described as illustration. It is shown, using the PlotBoard interface, how to run plan-based composition in interactive stepwise mode. We have also developed a storytelling system capable of representing the stories in the format of interactive comic books on tablet computers.


Digital Entertainment; Plot Composition; Communicative Speech Acts; Detective Stories; Logic Programming; Plan Generation; Plan Recognition; Comic Books

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