Multimedia Presentation Integrating Media with Virtual 3D Realistic Environment Produced in Real Time with High Performance Processing

Arthur Pedro de Godoy, Caio César Viel, Erick Lazaro Melo, Diego Roberto Colombo Dias, Luis Carlos Trevelin, Cesar A. C. Teixeira


Sophisticated interactive animation may be an interesting element to compose a multimedia document. However, potential demand for high performance computing can make this option impractical in digital interactive TV and mobile device environments, due to computing power restrictions of such platforms, especially when one consider the processing of complex 3D environments with a high degree of realism. In previous work, we proposed a solution to overcome such restrictions based on video streaming. Moving forward, in this paper is presented a solution that is more independent of platform, but still based on the same principle of video streaming. Each module can be specialized in different ways to solve problems related to the computer environment, such as network restrictions and latency on user interaction. Also in this paper is described how to take advantage of media-agnostic feature of some multimedia presentation machines to integrate this type of complex 3D media into multimedia documents. As a proof of concept, we extended and tested an NCL presentation engine to add support to this new type of media.


High-Performance Media; Multimedia Presentation Machine; Remote 3D Processing; Virtual 3D Environment; Video Streaming; Multimedia

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