VISIONAIR - VISION Advanced Infrastructure for Research

Andreas Kopecki, Uwe Wössner, Dimitris Mavrikios, Loukas Rentzos, Christian Weidig, Lionel Roucoules, Okung-Dike Ntofon, Georges Dumont, Daniel Bündgens, Andrzej Milecki, Peter Baranyi, Marco Attene, Franca Giannini, Michela Spagnuolo


The development of information technologies, the increasing complexity of theinformation to be handled and analysed along with the increasing capacities inscientific and engineering simulations call for the development of increasinglypowerful visualisation tools and methods.  By integrating existing facilities,VISIONAIR is aimed at creating a world-class research infrastructure that willbe open to research communities across Europe and around the world forconducting state-of-the-art research.


Visualisation; Scientific Visualisation; Ultra High Definition Visualisation; Virtual Reality; Holographic Displays; Virtual Visualisation Services

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