Performance Analysis of the Segment Transfer Rate of TCP-UEM


  • Airton Orlandini Junior
  • Luciana Andréia Fondazzi Martimiano



TCP-UEM, congestion control, wireless networks, performance analysis, segment transfer rate


UsingTCP(TransmissionControlProtocol)inwirelessnetworkscanaffectitsperformanceduetoits lack of ability to identify packets losses properly, causing the triggering of its congestion control mechanism. Some TCP variants were proposed to improve this control, being TCP-UEM one of them. This variant allows the evaluation of the link reliability in wireless networks in time intervals, keeping the end-to-end semantics. TCP-UEM was implemented in FreeBSD OS and its performance with relation to segment transfer rate (in Mbps) was compared to two other variants, TCP-NEWRENO and TCP-CUBIC. This paper describes TCP-UEM, discusses results of the tests and the statistical analysis that were carried out using two scenarios. For each scenario, 30 samples of 30 seconds of execution time with different loss rates were collected. The results showed that TCP-UEM presented a good performance, achieving a performance higher than the other two variants in the majority of the tests, with different loss rates.


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