Design and Evaluation of a Gesture-Controlled System for Interactive Manipulation of Medical Images and 3D Models


  • Édimo Sousa Silva UNIFOR
  • Maria Andréia Formico Rodrigues UNIFOR


Gesture-Controlled System, Interaction, Manipulation, Evaluation, 2D Images, 3D Models


This work presents the design and evaluation of a gesture-controlled system for interactive manipulation of radiological images and 3D models using the Kinect device. Several abstractions have been implemented and refactored to improve the system performance, making the application simpler, at an affordable cost. Additionally, specific gestures to change the visualization settings of 3D models represented by layers were also successfully modeled. Further, we have conducted systematic and detailed usability testings with users to determine quantitative performance measures and qualitative analysis (usefulness, visual quality of the interface, ease of learning, ease of use, 3D spatial perception, level of interactivity, mental and physical fatigue, effectiveness and satisfaction). The results show that the participants are able to perform the tasks of search, selection and manipulation of 2D images (zoom in/out and translations) and 3D models (zoom in/out and rotations), quickly and accurately, demonstrating the usefulness of the system as a possible effective and competitive alternative solution, to the traditional use of the negatoscope.


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Author Biographies

Édimo Sousa Silva, UNIFOR


Maria Andréia Formico Rodrigues, UNIFOR







Special Issue: SVR 2014