Primary malignant neoplasms of the cecal appendix: unusual findings in acute appendicitis


  • Fernanda Marcante Carlotto University Of Passo Fundo
  • Julia Carolina Garcia
  • Nathalia Beck Correa
  • Marcos Dal Vesco Neto
  • Josiane Borges Stolfo
  • Lucas Duda Schmitz
  • Juarez Antonio Dal Vesco
  • Jorge Roberto Marcante Carlotto


Introduction: To evaluate the prevalence of appendix neoplasia correlating with
patient profile, histological types and frequency.
Methods: Data collection was performed in the Pathology Department of a General
Hospital, with the objective of identifying patients diagnosed with malignant cecal
appendix tumors by histopathologic study of specimens from acute appendicitis.
Results: The prevalence of malignant primary epithelial neoplasia of the appendix
was 1%. Fifty percent of the cases were neuroendocrine tumors, 35% were mucinous,
and 15% were adenocarcinomas. The mean age at diagnosis was 41.3 (SD, 20.4)
years (range16-81), with a women/men ratio of 3:1.
Discussion: Appendiceal neoplasms are rare and should be suspected manly
in women over 40 years of age with suggestive symptoms of acute appendicitis.
The size, location, extent, margins and presence of mucin are essential findings for
the treatment of these patients.


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Carlotto FM, Garcia JC, Correa NB, Neto MDV, Stolfo JB, Schmitz LD, Dal Vesco JA, Carlotto JRM. Primary malignant neoplasms of the cecal appendix: unusual findings in acute appendicitis. Clin Biomed Res [Internet]. 5º de outubro de 2021 [citado 18º de agosto de 2022];41(3). Disponível em:



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