Call for papers. Dossier: (IN) Justice at Work: Emerging Issues and Permanent Challenges


The period for submitting articles to the dossier "(IN) Justice at Work: Emerging Issues and Permanent Challenges" is open until January 30th, 2020.

Dossier editors: Dra. Christine Paulette Yves Rufino Dabat (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco), Dra. Juliana Alves de Andrade (Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco) e Dr.  Thomas D. Rogers (Emory Universityof Arts and Sciences. Atlanta, Geórgia, EUA)

This proposed dossier aims to problematize the questions of (in) justice and workers' rights in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The transformations generated by the individual and / or collective actions of various historical subjects in defense of their rights, have led to the emergence of contemporary issues that are challenging to the field of history. We welcome papers addressing these questions, including but not limited to the following themes: the different social and cultural practices of protection against bullying and sexual harassment, practices and laws to combat exhausting work hours and degrading conditions, the cartography of migratory flows of female workers and their impacts, strategies to eradicate the exploitation of child labor, and the fight against labor reform in Europe and North and South America. We seek to gather works that investigate the trajectory of men and women who appealed to the judiciary to guarantee their rights, the negotiations around the legal regime of work, the impacts of laws on workers’ everyday lives, the mobilization of workers, the roles of class organizations, and studies of enslaved, liberated, and free workers and the establishment of connections between slavery and post-abolition. These individual or collective trajectories of access to the courts, the records of which are captured in court sources, help us to see advances and ongoing challenges in securing the rights won.