Daniel Senise, "2892": between being and nothingness, the spectator

Michael Asbury


This essay investigates a work by the artist Daniel Senise entitled "2892", which at first appears to be atypical within the oeuvre. It traces the production of compositional characteristics as well as the repetition of themes and figures within other more overtly painterly works produced at the moment of conception of "2892" arguing that there is a contextual coherence within the group as a whole. Whilst almost two decades separate the conception of "2892" and its first public showing, the essay then speculates on some interesting co-relations that exist between the site in which it was shown and the trajectory that the other painterly work concurrently took.


Baroque; Duchamp; Neo-classicism; Readymade; Sartre; Self and Other; The Shroud

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22456/2179-8001.37947

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