Designing and implementing an Spatial Augmented Reality X-Ray

Fábio R. de Miranda, Romero Tori, Cláudio E. S. Bueno, Lucas P. Trias


Casting digital-controlled light over real object surfaces, thus creating new textures and special effects, brings to designers and engineers an endless spectrum of possibilities and innovation for their projects. This technology, called Spatial
Augmented Reality, can be considered as a kind of "virtual material" that can be manipulated by designers in augmented environments. In order to achieve more knowledge on the use of this technology, we have developed AR X-Ray, a spatial
augmented reality tool. Through the use of a portable projector a Virtual X-Ray is emitted over real walls, allowing visual exploration of internal details of buildings (such as pipes and ducts). This paper presents the design, implementaion and results of this project. Some details regarding solutions for technical problems are also discussed, as following: projector tracking, proper registration of synthetic information over real
objects and the development of a shader that manipulates the transparency of textures to allow the user to view what is behind objects.


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